Wynne Seniors

"A Titus 2 Ministry"

Wynne Seniors

The vison of Wynne Seniors is the be a vibrant part of WBC’s purpose statement “Making Disciples from Wynne to the World.” To live out this vision by Wynne Seniors is expressed in:

• Regular activities are provided for senior adults. Every event and trip involves discipleship as a component.

• Deepening loving fellowship with one another is a

• Reaching out to draw other seniors to Christ is a main

• Serving faithfully in different areas of ministry within
WBC ... is faithfulness.

• Being involved is a small group through Sunday School class and/or a DGroup for the spiritual growth and
spiritual health is the environment of growing as disciples of Jesus.

• A Titus 2:1-5 ministry is the goal for the end of the year—senior adults growing as disciples to be models and
mentors and make disciples who make disciples in younger
generations. The budget provides the resources for
ministry for these ministries to Wynne Senior Adults.

From eating together, to day trips, to special events, the Senior Adults enjoy fellowship with one another.

Bible Studies and Discipleship
Bible Studies and Discipleship

There is a full array of Sunday School classes for Adult 65+

Many are involved in DGroups (Discipleship Group) in different homes and locations

Special Seminars are designed to address important issues and exciting opportunities for Senior Adults.

Senior Care Ministry Teams
Senior Care Ministry Teams

Senior Care Teams visit the home bound, write cards to those need encouragement, and pray for those with special needs.


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