Go On Mission

Training/Prayer Walking/Person of Peace Opportunity in the Arkansas Delta

There will be a number of these one day missions opportunity trips offered in 2022. Some of these trips will focus on going through local churches that are already established in the Arkansas Delta and partnering with them to do evangelism, discipleship and church planting!

Other opportunities will include prayer walking through Arkansas Delta communities and looking for “persons of peace” that can help gather people for evangelism and basic “look-up” Bible studies.

Team members participating in this trip will be driving, praying and ministering together. We expect God to prepare the hearts of people living in the Delta, and we expect the Holy Spirit to guide us as we enter these communities. There will be a focused prayer and strategy meeting before each trip.

Trip #1 | Tabernacle of God Baptist Church

Saturday, March 19
Team Size – Approx. 12 people
For more info contact James Langston 870.208.5217

Trip #2 | Evangelism and Broad Seed Sowing in Spokane, Washington

April 29- May 3
**This team has already been formed and tickets purchased**
Please pray for this team as the go to focus on broad gospel seed sowing at the Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane! Pray that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as they work around race participants and volunteers. And lastly, pray for our Faith ’22 partners Zac and Nichole Minton and The Rock Church!

Trip #3 | Training Church leaders in Zambia

July 2-10
Approx. cost is $2,900 pp
This trip will focus on training and equipping church leaders in Zambia. The team will cast vision and then train them how to minister strategically to children/youth/university/women in the church. Team members will then help them practically start implementing some of these strategies in churches around the country.

**Interest meeting for this trip will be Sunday March 20th at 5 pm in room A 104**
For more information contact James Langston

Trip #4 | Evangelism/Home Visits/Training in the Middle East

Nov. 7 – 18
Approx. cost is $3,200 pp

This trip may have multiple ministry opportunities with more details coming soon. Team members will be able to share the gospel with both Jews and Arabs. Team members could have an opportunity in Jordan to train believers in the “Heart and 4 Fields” vision and strategy framework. The team plans to work closely with Faith ’22 partner Abu John for some of the trip.