Recent News and Prayer Request

Update | Sept 15

Hello guys! We miss you all!😍Since arriving back home we’ve made some visits to people who attend with us to see whether they are believers or seekers. We have felt some disappointed that some women from our groups went another ministry.We would like to share with you one story of a home visit that I made today. Aml is a women from a Muslim background that attended with me during a Bible study group as she wanted to know more about Jesus. Yesterday I told her that I would visit her. When I saw her today she shared with me her dream from last night. She saw some people from ISIS that wanted to kill her and her husband, but she told her husband that Jesus will save us as she saw Jesus’ face in the sky and she can escape from them in her dream. Today she told me her decision that she will follow only Jesus from this moment, and without living a double life.

Update/Prayer Request | Sept 5

How are our dear Friends at WBC? We are in Lebanon and we want to ask you to continue praying with us for two things this week :
- That we would find a suitable house for us live in after returning to our ME target county.
- That we would find an appropriate space to rent for the new ministry center for our gathering groups and local H4F trainings. 
Blessings, R&M

Update/Prayer Request | August 21

“We miss WBC so much, but we are trying to enjoy being here in Egypt for a few more days before returning to our ministry home. We are very excited to begin with a training tomorrow!!! We will have the opportunity to train 24 leaders from Egypt on (multiplying) in 3 lectures. “Pray for R and M to have wisdom and power from the Holy Spirit as they begin refreshed and excited for what God has before them.

Update | August 8

R and M have made it back to Egypt to reunite with their kids and visit with their families for a couple of weeks before heading back to Middle East. They were so encouraged by their time with WBC! R sent a text after leaving that said , “I cannot find words to describe how much we thank the Lord and you. We enjoyed and were blessed and took real power from the Holy Spirit. I thank you because you are spiritual people and we love you.” Pray for them to rest and redeem quality time with aging parents before heading back to work among Syrians! ❤️

Prayer Request | June 27

M, J, T will travel to Egypt in a few days, while R will stay in their place of service until they come visit us here at WBC in late July. Pray their time apart, will be “short felt” and pray the Lord will sustain them as they’re separated as a family for practically one month.

Update | June 14

We are very happy with what God is doing, and we are more than happy because we are His sons and serve Him together. This week we had 17 trainees that we trained in 3 circles, multiplying DGroups, Paul’s journeys… 5 of them from Druze background, 5 Lebanese, including a person who was a Maronite monk but now leads a DGroup, 1 Kurdish believer, and 4 Syrian MBB (M*slim Background Believer), 1 Iraqi and 1 Egyptian serving in our country.

Prayer Request | June 9

“We have a training for 20 leaders in Heart and 4 Fields. Our prayer is that some of them become disciple makers and
DGroup leaders.” – R

Update | June 4

“Rejoice with me, this was the best training on Heart and 4 Fields I have given so far, perhaps because all the trainees have a vision for DGroups. Pray for 12 Kurdish believers as they begin starting new DGroups.” – R

About R & M
About R & M

Syrians are coming to Jesus faster today than ever before. Their home int he Middle East is the home of approximately 2 million Syrian refugees. R and M are Faith Partners serving Syrians in a country in the Middle East.

In the last year R and M have seen many M*slims turn to Jesus. They have launched multiplying DGroups, new groups, and are training new group leaders in Heart and 4 Fields at a rate that can only be explained as a work of God.

R and M are from Egypt. They became followers of Jesus as teenagers and then met later while attending university. R was involved in ministry in Egypt but felt God calling their family to go and live and work in Syria. They have 2 children.

M enjoys swimming and walking and R enjoys watching soccer and supporting his favorite team, Liverpool.

It is our privilege to be able to partner with and support R and M in their work.

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