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Update | Mar 20

Thank you for your prayers for our trip to Suriname and Guyana. The Surinamese we're very warm, interested, and ready for gospel training. The key question now is will they apply what they have learned… the people were excited and responsive, now we wait to see what the Lord does in the coming months.Guyana, as always, was a joy!!! It's hard soil, but our friend who works with us in Guyana, has seen more work as of late among believers than he has ever seen in the past 15 years.

Prayer Request | Mar 13

Rachel and I will be traveling to Guyana and Suriname the 13th-20th. It’s an exploratory trip to see if Suriname is a viable new country to target. Plus, we will able to do some follow up training with churches in Eastern Guyana.We sure covet your prayers.

Prayer Request | Feb 2

Pray for Jeff as he heads to South Asia in February to reach both tribal people and UPG.

Prayer Request | Sept 24

Well, we are headed to the Amazon today. Traveling to both ends of the river for 8 days.We will be training two groups that have been showing some potential as new partners in the ministry there, and trying to encourage those faithful partners we already have.Pray for me, Rachel, Anna and Lizzy.In Him,Jeff

Update | Aug 29

We just got back from four South American countries. The purpose of the trip was to see if we could expand to these countries as well as examine one country where we were already working. I’m a big believer in reporting when things go well but also being transparent when they don’t. We think that two of the countries hold great potential and will start working there soon. These two countries represent two of the hardest soil in all of South America so we will have to be patient, but it was very moving to see both their interest and their need. That part of the trip was VERY exciting. Another country has some potential so we will have to evaluate further.   However a fourth place, where we have sent Brazilians to work for about a year and a half, looks like it is just stuck.
This is part of missions. Some groups of believers will just never start actively working. It was a great trip, but as I told Rachel, it’s also important to let partners know that while some fields are just ripe for harvest, others don’t work out as well. Thanks for your prayers. Our next stop is the Amazon in three weeks.

Prayer Request | June 24

We are headed to Guyana with a church in Arkansas and a group from Wisconsin for six days of evangelism. We covet your prayers.

Update | June 8

We were able to train 110 potential leaders in two Brazilian states. We were also able to secure one of the best Brazilian trainers I know in the world to come on board and help multiply the ministry across Brazil/South America.

Update | June 1

Today, we head to a new state in Brazil as we look to expand the ministry and look for new leaders. We will train, hopefully, 150 leaders. Then Rachel will meet me in another state and help me train with church planters we know in South America. Our Brazilian team trained 600 people which is their largest ever.

About Jeff & Rachel Brawner
About Jeff & Rachel Brawner

Jeff grew up in Wynne and has been involved with international mission work for many years. He and Rachel currently live in Memphis, where he works for Global Church Planting Partners (GCPP). This organization focuses mainly on training leaders inside Asia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Cabo Verde and Guyana to go out and plant churches. Many of these leaders in Brazil have been trained to go into the unreached areas of Brazil and some of them are now multiplying out to take the gospel into West African countries!

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