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Recent News and Prayer Request

Update | Mar 12

We have begun investing with our top eight women leaders among MBBs. This is the "candles program" that WBC is helping us support. The ladies are very excited, and are looking forward to learning how to encourage their new believers even more as their groups grow, and multiply reaching new Muslims for Jesus. Also, Osama has also done 2 new H4F trainings and scheduled 4 more coming months... He is very excited with the doors. God is opening as he trains Arab churches to reach Muslims with a message of Christ.

Prayer Request | Jan 1

Pray for open doors and opportunities to share the gospel with new people in new areas.

Update | Jan 1

Our desert ministry to young ladies has been a season of deeper discipleship and mentoring each girl individually and collectively. We worked on the critical points each girl was experiencing that made spiritual growth difficult. Some needed a doctor visit for health issues, counseling support for trauma, and spiritual encouragement by a new deeper way of Bible study. We ended this year with happier, healthier and stronger girls who bloom for Christ.

Praise Update | Jan 1

Praise the Lord! We reached around 2000 kids and more than 500 adults through 20 Christmas programs in 11 different cities in the Middle East. We bought and distributed gifts for the kids that contained Jesus’ story, socks, candies, and toys. Challenges were there and the real enemy was trying to stop us, but Jesus was with us. Every program ended with stories of kids and adults who received Jesus or were touched by the program. Please pray for all the kids and adults that received Jesus and for all seeds that were planted in the hearts.

Update | Jan 1

A woman named F, whose life was full of difficulties and challenges, discovered her true strength and happiness through putting her faith in Christ. She embraced the Bible and it has become her inspiration and strength. However, F has suffered persecution and violence from her family members, yet she still shares the happiness and healing she found in Jesus with people she meets.

Update | Jan 1

M visited with a mother of two daughters who walked to the free clinic because she couldn't afford transportation. M shared the gospel, and she gave her life to Jesus. She wants to know more about Jesus so she can witness about the salvation He gave.

Prayer Request | Dec 1

Please pray for our ministry leaders and volunteers as they travel and visit those the Lord is leading them to, and share the good news of the gospel with them. Pray that we would find a good soil.

About Abu John & Umm John
About Abu John & Umm John

Abu John & Umm John, along with their small children, live and work in the Levant. The Levant region is compromised of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan. God has placed them in the middle of a special work that has a strong focus on seeing Syrians come to faith in Jesus and start new groups of believers among them.

God has given them much fruit and a growing number of laborers out of the harvest field in the Middle East over the last few years. They use the same ministry tools that we are learning to use at WBC (3-Circles, 3-Thirds Process, and Heart and 4 Fields) and we are blessed and excited to join them in this partnership and ministry. We look forward to many more years celebrating what God does through their team in the Middle East.

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