Zac and Nichole Minton

Spokane, WA

Recent News and Prayer Request

Prayer Request | Sept 20

Pray for God to raise people up to start Churches in the Northwest.

Prayer Request | Sept 20

Pray for the Churches seeking a pastor.

Prayer Request | Sept 15

Pray for Churches who are in a transition in our 200 sq mile radius who we are serving.

Prayer Request | Sept 1

Pray for our STEPS groups. These are groups we have people go through for discipleship and prepare people to be sent out to start small groups and churches.

Prayer Request | Sept 1

Pray for the Rock Church Network to continue to make disciples who make disciples.

About Zac and Nichole
About Zac and Nichole

Zac and Nichole are from Eastern Arkansas and have two children, Isaac and Lilian.

Zac was working as an electrician when God called him to begin preaching. He attended Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. After leading churches in Northeast Arkansas for 8 years, Zac took a trip to the Northwest to see how he could partner in planting churches. It was supposed to be “just” a vision trip to explore ways to support church planting from his home church in Arkansas. But when he returned home, God broke his heart over the lostness in the Northwest.

After much prayer Zac and Nichole quit their jobs, sold their house and moved their family to Spokane, Washington! Since their move, they have planted three churches (two out of their home), and have seen over 200 baptized. With a multiplication focus, they are also sending others out to plant churches.

Zac is now Church Planting Catalyst with the Northwest Baptist Convention. He is constantly looking for God to send people to the Northwest on short and long term mission trips. Zac and Nicole are praying God will call people like themselves, willing to plant their lives in the Northwest for the advancement of the Gospel. Is God calling you?

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