WBC Serves

WBC Serves is more than a catchphrase or a cute t-shirt slogan. It is a movement…a heartbeat. WBC Serves focuses on loving our neighbors and impacting Wynne and the world for the Kingdom of God. Whether it's block parties and neighborhood cookouts to delivering food to the hungry, to cleaning up parks and yards, to prayer walking around our schools…WBC Serves. 

You can join us for any of our WBC Serves opportunities. Watch the events page for details on upcoming WBC Serves events.

WBC Serves…Wynne

On Wednesday, May 27th, and Thursday, May 28th, we will be providing sack lunches for children in our community, and on Friday, May 29th, we will provide hotdogs for families.  

Here is what we have planned:

  • Wednesday, May 27th - hand out 750 sack lunches from noon - 6 pm
  • Thursday, May 28th - hand out 750 sack lunches from noon - 6 pm
  • Friday, May 29th - hand out 1,000 hotdogs from 4:30 pm - 7 pm

There are several opportunities to serve and the times to be at WBC for instructions and be ready:

  • Evangelism:  Wed & Thur - 11:30 am; Fri - 4 pm
  • Food Preparation
    • Wednesday & Thursday - Help put sack lunches together from 9 am-noon
    • Friday - Help get hotdogs cooked and wrapped to hand out beginning at 2:30 pm
  • Distribution:  Wed & Thur - 11:30 am; Fri - 4 pm
  • Children's Games:  Wed & Thur - 11:30 am; Fri - 4 pm
  • Parking Greeters:  Wed & Thur - 11:30 am; Fri - 4 pm

Would you still like to serve, but haven't signed up?
Come on out and jump right in!
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